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Payroll and HR Services

As a business owner, managing your own payroll and HR can take time away from important activities such as driving revenue and growth — and even put you at risk of fines and penalties if you make a mistake.

That’s why Rio Grande Credit Union has teamed up with PaydayHCM to give you an affordable, full-service option for outsourcing payroll, HR, and employee benefits administration. PaydayHCM is a leading provider of HR solutions, with tens of thousands of employees benefitting from their services every day.

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Payroll Administration

 Payday HCM provides cutting-edge payroll processing software that is designed to simplify the way you pay your employees. Efficient, accurate, secure, and easy payroll processing every time, along with exceptional customer service from our tenured professionals.

Benefits of Payday HCM services include:

Access and Process Payroll Anytime, Anywhere

Intuitive, configurable, and user-friendly human capital management solution built specifically for small-to-midsize employers. 

With the HCM solution comes payroll software, which puts you in control of your payroll processing, alerting you to potential errors before you process so you can deliver the perfect paycheck, every time, from anywhere.

Payroll Tax Filing & Payroll Compliance

Payday HCM ensures a 100% Accuracy Guarantee and compliance on all tax filing, tax payments, and unemployment taxes in all 50 States. PaydayHCM continuously verifies updates and/or changes in Federal, State, and Local taxes, making payroll compliance an easy task for employers.

Wages On Demand 

Your employees love payday, but they might not be able to wait that long, Give employees the option of stress-free finance management with earned wage access

Payday HCM offers multiple options regarding earned wage access and wages on-demand, including:

  • Standard Wages On-Demand
  • Financial Wellness Program
  • Earned Wage Access Cards
  • ZayZoon Boost
  • Direct Deposit for Tips

Total Payroll Data Security

Payday HCM maintains a formal and comprehensive program designed to ensure:

  • The security of customer data
  • Protect against security threats
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the data of its customers

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Time and Labor

Payday HCM's time and labor management solution enables employers to collect, manage, and process employee time and attendance data more easily and effectively. Track and monitor meals, breaks, and overtime, use geofencing to track employee locations for clocking in and out, calculate and manage comp time, and monitor errors for complete and accurate time cards.


Payday HCM’s time and labor software platform is the nerve center of your time and attendance system. It connects various methods of time collection such as physical time clocks, the mobile app, or even self-service, providing maximum flexibility no matter where your employees are located or how they work. It's everything you need in a timekeeping solution, including:

  • Hours entry
  • Punch entry
  • Labor allocation
  • Flexible meal and break policies
  • Overtime management
  • Error monitoring
  • Time rounding rules


Building and managing employee shifts is easier than ever with the robust Scheduling module. It allows employers to:

  • Handle schedules with ease
  • Changing, moving, and scheduling employee shifts
  • Set rules for who is able or eligible to be assigned for a particular shift
  • Keep employees informed with instant alerts when schedules are pushed live
  • Use easily see at-a-glance details of when employees are unavailable for work
  • Allow employees to request shifts and request shift coverage from within a pool of co-workers

GO and Geofencing

As more and more employees are working remotely and on the go, employers need a reliable solution to accurately track their employees. Beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, labor laws have increased the pressure on the accuracy of all employee time records - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are just a few regulations that demand precise labor records - even for your remote employees. Geofencing uses reliable mapping data and GPS coordinates as soon as a punch is created to keep track of your employees, especially when they’re on the go, working at multiple sites, or clocking in remotely.

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Employee Benefits

Part of attracting and retaining top talent is your ability to offer innovative health and benefit plans. We start by taking the time to learn about what matters most to you and your employees, and then we build a winning strategy designed to meet employee needs while achieving long-term cost savings. 

Custom Benefit Plans

Payday HCM helps you understand all your options and can create custom benefit plan packages unique to your organization. Providing a balance between budget and benefits allows employees to stay healthy and bring their best selves to work every day.

Employee Benefit Products

Gain access to several different options to create custom employee benefit product offerings, including:

  • Health Benefits - These include preventative services, wellness, education, etc. 
  • Dental Benefits - Comprehensive dental plans are available to enhance the health package
  • Vision Benefits - Includes benefits such as annual eye exams
  • Life & Disability Benefits- Provide financial security for your employees with basic life, short-term, and long-term disability plans
  • Flexible Savings Accounts and Health Savings Accounts Benefits - Pay co-pays and deductibles for medical, dental, and vision plans with pre-tax dollars (dependent Care Account may be available as well)
  • Voluntary Benefits - (Supplemental benefits) employees can choose to buy a variety of protections at their own expense

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Hiring and Onboarding

Finding, attracting, and hiring the best talent is key to building a successful business. Payday HCM makes it easy to not only attract potential employees that have the right skill set but also recruit skilled individuals with expertise in specific niches. 


Identify and hire the right people for your organization, so you can be an employer of choice in your industry. With Talent Acquisition, you can:  

  • Manage the hiring process all the way from recruitment to hire, and all new employee data seamlessly flows directly into your HCM platform, making paperwork and extra data entry (and related errors) a thing of the past. 
  • Gain access to twenty-six standard reports, along with analytics and dashboards available at a glance. Add-ons include background checks, drug screenings, and video interviewing.
  • Post to 600+ job boards in seconds with a single click.
  • Organize your hiring process to attract better candidates.
  • Decrease time and cost per hire.


Support every important human connection throughout the hiring process. Turn prospective candidates into productive employees that deliver the return on investment that every business strives for. 


With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, many companies are scrambling to decrease their turnover rates. By offering higher salaries and expensive perks, some companies have even succeeded in drawing out their industry's talent from their rivals.

Talented and skilled workers are seeking out companies that have the most to offer, and if your business isn't able to keep up, you may see your employee retention rates drop.

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Employee Engagement

Finding, attracting, and hiring the best talent is key to building a successful business. Payday HCM makes it easy to not only attract potential employees that have the right skill set but also recruit skilled individuals with expertise in specific niches. 

Employee Self Service

Give your employees a “digital vault” of data and information that is both easy to use and easy to access. With on-demand access from a tablet or mobile device anywhere secure internet access is available, employees can: 

  • View their current benefit elections and plan summaries,
  • Check PTO balances and time-off requests
  • View and print check stubs and W-2s

Performance Insights 

One of the first ways to improve retention and engagement at your organization is to improve real-time feedback. Get insights into the performance and results of every member of your team while keeping everyone aligned with the goals of the company. The 360 feedback tool allows you to seek input from all directions, including those inside and outside your company and up and down in the reporting structure.

Collaboration & Connectivity

With employee engagement software, managers can improve the culture and engagement at their organization while promoting collaboration and keeping employees connected.

Built-in features include:

  • A personalized dashboard
  • Live feed wall
  • Idea and knowledge-sharing resources
  • Pulse surveys
  • And other ways to collaborate, share and help one another

Even if many of your workers are off-site, our employee engagement solution keeps everyone in the same working environment, with the same shared information, and even the same headspace; because your goals, culture, and mission are ever-present.

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