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Free Financial Coaching

Free Financial Coaching

Because money doesn't come with instructions.

Free Financial Coaching

  • Have you ever had a question about money but didn't know who to ask?
  • Do money issues keep you awake at night?
  • Do you have a big life event coming up that you are not financially prepared for?

At RGCU, we understand the connection between financial and physical health. Money-related stress has effects that extend far beyond the home. That's why our goal is to help you become more confident in your ability to manage money and increase financial stability.

Take advantage of our FREE services, no current credit union membership required.

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How We Can Help

Our certified financial coaches are available to meet one-on-one, for fairs, or to present classes on a variety of subjects related to money management, credit, and planning for the future. RGCU works with all ages and groups, including:

  • Kids and Teens
  • Adults and Seniors
  • Employees/Employers
  • Car, Credit and Homebuyer Classes