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March 2023

  • Don’t Get Caught in an Auto Warranty Scam

    Auto warranty scams are more than just a hopeless nuisance – they can spell financial disaster to the unwary consumer. Here’s what you need to know about these exasperating scams and how to stay safe.

  • 5 Ways to Communicate More Effectively at Work

    Effective communication helps reduce misunderstandings, fosters a positive workplace vibe, encourages productive collaboration and helps prepare team members for challenging situations the company may experience. Here are five ways to communicate more effectively at work.

  • How to Save on Landscaping

    Here are 10 creative ways to save on landscaping, so you can have your well-tended lawn and your budget, too.

  • Filing Taxes When You’ve Had a Life Change

    If you went through anything out of the ordinary in 2022, here’s a rundown of what to consider as you (or your tax professional) prepare to file.

  • Dine on a Dime: Easy Sloppy Joes

    You can’t go wrong with Sloppy Joes! A hearty, delicious dinner for long winter nights. Here's an easy to make, inexpensive recipe that everyone will love! 

  • Women Pioneers in Finance

    Because March is Women’s History Month, we’re taking a moment to reflect on many of the important contributions women have made to society. At Rio Grande Credit Union, we’re proud to be a part of the nationwide celebration of women.

  • Taxes 2023: Deductions You May Not Know About (But Should Be Taking)

    Combining certain tax strategies with routine planning and other opportunities such as charitable gifting can help to maximize deductions. Here are some tax moves to keep in mind for every year.

  • Save Money When Shopping Online

    Wise spending is important. With huge parts of life still happening on your screen, for many, this means saving on online shopping. Here are some tips for saving money when shopping online.

  • Don’t Get Caught in a P2P Scam

    P2P platforms, like Zelle, Venmo and PayPal, have made life so much easier for many. Unfortunately, P2P scams are rampant and varied. Here are six P2P scams to beware of.

  • How to Prepare for Next Year’s Tax Season Now

    Taxes on your mind? Use this guide to help prep for this year and next, so you can sail through tax season as quickly as possible.

February 2023