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  • Steer Clear of Back-to-School Scams

    Whether you’re a college student prepping for the fall semester, a high school student getting ready for a new school year or the parent of a student of any age, beware these trending back-to-school scams!

  • Dine on a Dime: Grilled Chicken Pitas

    Now’s the perfect time to hit up your favorite farmer’s market for summertime veggies. Put them to use on the barbequed favorite with this Dine on a Dime meal.

  • What to Buy and What to Skip in August

    With a real back-to-school time coming this year, what should you be shopping for besides pencils and notebooks? Here's what to buy and what to leave on the shelf!

  • All You Need to Know About Auto Loans

    Are you looking for a new set of wheels? Here's our complete guide to help you find the best loan!

  • How Much Money Should I Keep in My Checking Account?

    Every swipe of a debit card, every bill we pay and every personal check we write takes money out of our checking account. But, how much money should we be keeping in these super-convenient accounts?

  • Why It's Important to be Financially Fit

    You give your abs a daily workout, but are you neglecting those money muscles? Here’s why being financially fit is super-important and how you can overcome common barriers to financial wellness. 

  • How to Save on Wedding Costs

    Did you know the average U.S. wedding costs $28,000? That’s a lot of money to spend on one event! 

  • Scam Alert: Fraudulent Phone Calls

    Recently, Rio Grande Credit Union members have reported receiving fraudulent phone calls from someone claiming to be a representative from RGCU. 

  • Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your Home?

    Do all the stories about houses selling for far above asking price, sometimes within hours of hitting the market, have you thinking about selling? We have the pros and cons!