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January 2021

  • 7 simple steps to start saving

    Does saving money always seem to get bumped down on your to-do list? Well, let’s get started! Start with these time-tested tips, and pretty soon you’ll have a great nest egg!

  • Your top tax questions about working remotely, answered

    Last spring, many of us were asked to leave the office and begin working remotely from home. Now, with tax time approaching, there are tax implications of working remotely that you need to address, and we are here to help. So, let’s take a look at the tax issues of remote employment.

  • Target for new COVID scam: small business owners

    There’s a new coronavirus-related scam making the rounds, but this time the crooks are targeting small businesses. It all starts with an email. Learn how to spot clues that the email is a fake.

  • The impact of stimulus payments on your taxes

    Do you owe tax on the money you received? What if your income went up or down? Here are some answers to some common questions brought to you by TurboTax. 

  • Beware Coronavirus vaccine scams

    No, you can’t pay a fee to get the coronavirus vaccine early. But scammers are out there trying to convince you that you can - for a price. Eventually, we’ll all have our shot at getting the shot. Until then, learn how to not fall victim to scams.

  • What Do I Need to Know About Today‚Äôs Real Estate Market?

    Everyone’s an authority when it comes to the #realestate market, but what’s really going on? Rates are low, home prices are up and a lot is happening electronically. Happy hunting!

  • 5 Reasons We Overspend (and How to Overcome Them)

    There are many reasons we tend to overspend. Here are 5 big ones and ways we can overcome them. 

  • Don't get caught in a weight-loss scam.

    Between New Year’s weight-loss resolutions and people trying to drop those extra quarantine pounds, scammers are having a field day! Learn what to watch for.

December 2020

  • Don't fall prey to a holiday toy scam.

    Stressed-out parents will do anything to find the hottest holiday toys for their kids or grandkids, and that’s where toy scammers come in.

  • 3 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

    The holidays can be hectic and there is a lot of pressure on buying the right gifts. Here are some budget-friendly shopping tips to help shed your holiday gift-giving stress:

  • 6 tips to put cheer back into the holidays

    Saying this holiday season is a bit different is putting it mildly. But you can still get in the spirit! 

  • Don't fall for the Secret Sister scam.

    These schemes promise you'll receive dozens of gifts for just sending one to a “Secret Sister.” Of course they are scams. Learn how to protect yourself!

  • The 12 Scams Of Christmas

    Ah, the holidays … friends, food, family … and felons! Yes, the holiday scammers are back again, and just in time to spoil their fun, Rio Grande Credit Union brings you the 12 scams of Christmas. Find out what to watch for!

November 2020

  • 5 apps to download this holiday season

    Here are five free apps you can download today that can help keep your holiday season fun, organized and stress-free.   

  • Beware of Debt-Collection Scams

    Scammers are exploiting the financial downturn by tricking unsuspecting victims into paying for debts that don’t actually exist, or by using abusive tactics to collect legitimate debts. Learn how to protect yourself.