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Person to Person Payments

Pay Anyone

Sending money to people you know is easier with person-to-person payments.

Sending money to people you know is easier with person-to-person payments.

Need to send money to a friend or family member quickly? Need to pay a handyman or send some money to your child in college? Do it with RGCUs payment solutions.


  • Accessible via Online Banking and our mobile app
  • No recipient registration required
  • Recipient is notified via text or email
  • Recipient will receive a text or email with instructions to receive payment. They don't have to be an RGCU member. All they need is their account and routing information to receive the funds.
  • No intermediary accounts required
  • Funds can be received across US networks and financial institutions


  • Every transaction is securely authorized before execution
  • Funds don't leave the financial institution until they are sent to the recipient
  • Multiple risk mitigation tools like security codes and passwords

How it works

1. Log into Online Banking or our mobile app

  • Select the Payments tab
  • Select Pay a Person
  • Choose to pay the person via email, text, direct deposit or mail them a check

2. Send Funds Simply

  • Designate the recipient by phone # or email
  • You can also elect to send via direct deposit or even mail a check
  • Choose recipient from your contacts or set up a new one. The system will call or email an activation code to you for security for new contacts.
  • Choose payment source from your accounts

3. Send Funds Securely

  • Authenticate the payment with a secure keyword (the recipient will need the keyword to receive the funds)
  • The sender reviews and confirms the payment
  • Give the recipient the keyword and let them know to expect a text or email

4. Friends & Family Receive Funds

  • Accept funds via email or text
  • They don't have to enroll inanything or even be an RGCU member
  • They need to know the security code
  • They have to know their financial institution's routing number and their account number

5. You're Done!

  • You have completed a P2P funds transfer
  • Repeat