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Analysis Business Checking

Analysis Business Checking accounts are a great way for businesses with higher daily balances to get all the convenient cash management perks and banking services they need, without having to worry about added fees.

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Is Analysis Business Checking right for you?

A general business checking account allows you to write a limited number of checks and make deposits into your account each month without any fees. Once that limit has been reached, you start incurring a fee for each check or deposit after that. While this is fine for many small businesses who won’t normally exceed those limits, it can become an unneeded expense for larger business.

If you’ve outgrown a general business banking account, it might be time to make the switch to Analysis Business Checking. With this account, you can put your larger balance to work for you, and most of the time, avoid paying for daily transaction fees altogether.

Here’s how it works

With an Analysis Business Checking account, you earn a credit on your daily balance. This credit can then be used to pay for all of the fees associated with writing checks, making remote deposits remotely, and using cash management services. Here at RGCU, we offer a generous credit on your daily balances, which most larger businesses find to be more than enough to cover their banking fees.

At the end of each statement cycle, you’ll get an analysis statement that details exactly what fees were charged to your account and how much of your credit was used to pay for those fees.

It’s important to note that the credit you earn on a Analysis Business Checking account is not interest, so if you’re looking to earn extra money, a business money market account might be a better fit.

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