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Building a plan for your money

5 Tips to Revamp Your Finances in the New Year

1. Start by making a budget.

A detailed monthly budget can help you pay your bills on time, have funds to cover emergencies and reach your financial goals. When was the last time you re-evaluated your financial health and created a budget? Get started.

2. Create a financial road map.

What are your financial goals? Everyone needs to plan for basics like retirement – however far off that may be — but you can also map out your other spending. Account for big expenses like a house or a car ahead of time. Use this Saving for a Goal calculator to help save toward your goals.

3. Know what you're saving for.

Whatever your financial goals are, it’s never too soon to start working toward them. First, get your savings started by putting money away in an emergency fund. Then you can start putting money away toward your other goals. These tips will help you keep track of your finances so you can reach your goals.

4. Get informed about credit.

Why does your credit score matter? How can you improve it? Your credit report determines whether you qualify for a loan and the rate at which you are going to pay it. Learn how to keep your credit score strong.

5. Talk about it.

It's smart to hold a family meeting at least once a year to discuss finances. You can take that time to assess where you are financially and adjust your spending and saving goals if they have changed.