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It pays to learn about finance. Literally.

Earn while you learn with Zogo!

Rio Grande Credit Union has partnered with Zogo, a leading financial technology company, to bring Zogo’s app to our members and families. The app, which was developed by a group of Duke University students, guides users of all ages through 300+ bite-sized financial educational modules. All of Zogo’s content meets the national standards for financial literacy! As users successfully answer questions, they will accumulate points that they can redeem for gift cards (and other rewards).

How the app works:

  • 300+ bite-sized educational modules that cover all national standards for financial literacy.
  • Users start each module by learning 5 concepts before taking a 5-question quiz.
  • The user earns points by completing each educational module.
  • Users can exchange their points for gift cards (and other rewards)!
  • Rio Grande members will receive access to the Zogo platform at no cost.

Access is limited, so if you are interested in getting paid while you learn, get started today!

Enter the code RIOGRANDE when you sign up.

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Zogo Financial Education App