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Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is here, which means you may suddenly have the itch to do some spring cleaning. In addition to switching out your wardrobe and chasing away the dust bunnies, this may also be a good time to dust off your finances. Let's review some of the ways you can improve your money management during this time of year, and how we can help!

De-clutter your finances.

Review your monthly budget and look for opportunities to cut out extra expenses that may be cluttering it up. Think about things like subscriptions you don't use anymore or upgraded apps and services you don't really need. Pro tip: Online and Mobile Banking can help with this by showing you your recent and pending transactions, including ATM visits & debit card purchases.

Clean up your credit.

Your credit score is important. It can affect your loan interest rates, your ability to secure a job, and much more. That's why we want to give you access to your score whenever you want - all for free. Rio Grande Credit Union will update your credit score once per quarter. All you have to do is log into our Mobile App!

Dust off your savings plan.

Haven't been following your savings plan lately? Now is a great time to bring it back to life. Not to mention, our Make the Change program can help you meet your savings goals! Your everyday debit card transactions are rounded­up to the next dollar amount and the difference is deposited into your designated RGCU savings account