RGCU provides a wide range of savings plans. We are sure we can help you find one to fit your needs.

Regular Share (Savings) Account - This is where your Rio Grande Credit Union relationship starts. As long as you have a minimum amount ($5) in your Regular Share Account, you can take advantage of our great products and services. As an interest-bearing account, you can earn dividends, too.

Share Certificates – Share certificates are perfect for savers who know they won’t need to access funds for a specific period of time. Share Certificates typically offer higher rates than traditional savings accounts at banks and share accounts at other credit unions. RGCU offers two types of share certificates – regular and jumbo. A minimum deposit of $500 gets you started for a Regular Share Certificate and $25,000 for a higher interest rate Jumbo Share Certificate. Dividends may be compounded monthly, transferred to your Regular Share Account or checking account or paid in the form of a dividend check. Early withdrawal penalty applies. Terms run from 3 to 60 months.

Investors Club Account
- An Investors Club Account is very similar to a money market account. This account is attractive for individuals who would like to earn higher dividends on larger balances and still have access to the money when it is needed.

Vacation Club Account
- Why pay for a vacation with a credit card when you have the ability to save for it? All you need is $5 to open your Vacation Club Account. Add money to your account throughout the year so that when it’s time for vacation, you use the money in your account instead of your Line of Credit. You can withdraw the money as often as necessary.

Christmas Club Account - Start saving for Christmas now and avoid coming up short when the holiday season arrives. Open your account with a minimum of $5, start saving and withdraw your money at any time.

Rainy Day Club Account - A Rainy Day Club Account is there for you during good days and bad days. Start making rainy days a little brighter with just $5. Set aside money in this account so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket the next time a rainy day comes along.


Whether you are saving for a dream vacation, a child’s education, or planning for a secure future, RGCU is here to help.