Did you know that if your vehicle is totaled, or is stolen and not recovered, your insurer may not pay off the total amount of your loan, leaving you with hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to pay off? Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) pays the difference between the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your vehicle, which is determined by your primary insurance company, and the unpaid balance.


When mechanical failure on your vehicle occurs, do you have hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars readily available for repairs? With Major Mechanical Protection (MMP), you can protect yourself against these costly out-of-pocket expenses associated with vehicle repairs that extend beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Debt Cancellation

Debt Cancellation protects you by canceling some or all of your debt when a protected event occurs. Talk to your loan or service representative to find out the different levels of protection that are available, and decide which plan best fits your needs.

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