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As a not-for-profit organization, a Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee help guide the Credit Union.

The Board of Directors provides direction on long-range objectives, determines policy and monitors the progress of the Credit Union. The Board is comprised of RGCU members, who are elected to three-year terms as unpaid volunteers.

Our 2017-18  Board of Directors include:

Irene Serna                                                 Cynthia Borrego                                               

Board Chair, Irene Serna                                                          1st Vice Chair, Cynthia D. Borrego, MPA                    

Dan Mayfield                                              Lucy Sedillo       

2nd Vice Chair, Dan Mayfield                                                 Sectary/Treasurer, Lucy Sedillo   

Dianne Brown                                                  Ron Maestas

Director, Dianne Montoya Brown                                    Director, Ron B. Maestas


Mark Sanchez 

Director, Mark Sanchez

Our Supervisory Committee ensures the safety of the Credit Union’s assets. The committee includes:

Lisa Wilson                                                            Susan Biernacki                                                   

Chair, Lisa Wilson, CPA                                                                        Member, Susan Biernacki                                                       

Patricia French

Member, Patty French